CONSTITUTION USA is currently in production and is expected to air on PBS in the Spring of 2013. The four-part series is an exploration of what The US Constitution means to Americans today. A big question the series asks is if this two-hundred year old document is equipped to deal with 21st Century issues and governance. Or does it need to scrapped and re-written?

The series is being produced by Insignia Films for Twin Cities Television. Emily Harrold works as a researcher on the series. Follow us on Facebook for more information.

    Reporting on The Times is a short documentary film about how the American media avoided publicizing the Holocaust during World War II. Inspired by Laurel Leff’s award-winning book, Buried By The Times, this film explores why The New York Times—a Jewish-owned newspaper—buried more than one thousand Holocaust- related articles in its back pages. Although the film explores events taking place more than seventy years ago, it has particular resonance today. Genocide continues around the world, yet Americans are as complacent and unaware as they were during the 1940s. Reporting on The Times encourages audiences to re-evaluate America of the 1940s while also critically examining what “The Home of the Brave” and “The Land of the Free” is doing to prevent genocide today. The film is currently in post-production and will begin traveling the festival circuit in 2013.

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